Profound Logistics (Pakistan) Successfully Handles End-to-End Shipment for State-Owned Company, OGDCL
Profound Logistics Pakistan, your Pangea partner in Pakistan, has successfully completed a significant shipment on an end-to-end basis for a major state-owned company in Pakistan. The company, known as OGDCL (Oil Gas & Development Company Ltd), entrusted Profound Logistics with the transportation of a boiler and a gas tank from China to Pakistan.

The complex operation involved the handling and transportation of heavy cargo and breakbulk items. The cargo, measuring an impressive 11 meters in length, 4 meters in width, and 4 meters in height, was loaded at Tianjin, China, and carefully discharged at Karachi Port in Pakistan. Thanks to the expertise and efficiency of the Profound Logistics team, the shipment arrived safely and was successfully delivered on-site.

Pls see here a series of handling pictures, showcasing the meticulous handling and transport process undertaken by their dedicated team. The company extends credit to their proficient port team, whose expertise and efforts contributed to the seamless execution of the project.