PROFOUND LOGISTICS, your Pangea partner in Pakistan, has established a new logistics partnership with RDWS LTD, a leading manufacturer of construction equipment based in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. PROFOUND LOGISTICS has become a key logistics provider for RDWS, offering comprehensive supply chain management services and developing as RDWS preferred transport third-party.

The partnership involves the transportation of earth-moving equipment and a long-term contract between both parties, including a wide range of heavy machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, and graders, designed to manipulate and transport large quantities of soil, rocks, and debris for construction, mining, and landscaping purposes. The manufacturer manages a significant annual volume of movement, primarily dealing with bulk shipments and chartered vessels.

Additionally, PROFOUND LOGISTICS will provide consolidation and customs services for RDWS LTD at various locations, as they align strategically.

In one of their recently completed operations, PROFOUND LOGISTICS handled approximately 10 containers of 40′ DV, 5 containers of 20′ DV open tops, and also managed some bulk shipments. The services offered included: shipping, lashing, transportation, clearance and warehousing.