Career Assistant Controller

International freight. Didn’t sound fancy… until suddenly it was impossible to get toilet paper at supermarkets in 2020, right? Exactly. Global freight matters.

Look around for a second.

Everything you wear, eat, or use comes from somewhere. And freight makes it happen.

With $19 trillion of goods shipped annually, you’d think global supply chains are a smoothly ticking Swiss watch. Think again. And that’s where Freightos comes in. We make global trade frictionless, building the world’s largest global freight booking and payment platform. We connect hundreds of airlines, trucking companies and ocean liners with over 3,500 global freight companies and over ten thousand importers, from name brands to small sellers on Amazon. We’re the leading global freight booking platform, regularly appear in everywhere from the Wall Street Journal and UN reports to White House press conferences and CNN and, to add the proverbial freight icing on the global trade cake, we are a public company, trading on Nasdaq (#CRGO!)